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If you’re here, we can pretty safely assume we have a few things in common. For instance, you’re probably a tradie, or someone who likes to get their hands dirty at least, whether it be for work, a hobby, or just everyday life. We can also assume that you’re an advocate for supporting other women. We are passionate about making sure all women feel accepted and find a community where they can share ideas without judgement. That’s why we created the Like Minded Tradies Facebook Group.

It is open to all and is a safe space where you can meet people with similar interests to you and share your story. We know it can be hard to meet other women in this industry, so we’ve literally created a meeting place! Our member numbers are growing every day and there is a wide range of people from all around the world, so you know you’ll meet a diverse range of people with diverse insights.

The Like Minded Tradies group is self-sustained, so you get to decide the direction it takes. If you want to start by introducing yourself, perfect! If you want to ask a question or get some advice from the community, sounds great! All of these women are here because they want to lift up other women, so don’t feel like you will be judged. Our main goal for this page is for members to feel accepted, so we don’t tolerate belittling of any kind, not that you would of course!

As our community grows, we’d love to plan events where members can meet in real life and discuss important issues, but mainly make new friends. If you want to host an event yourself, we’d love that! As we mentioned, this is your space so make the most of it. We promise there are women who would love to take part.

The Like-Minded Tradies Facebook Group is one where you are welcomed no matter your background or where you’re from. We’re a small group, but we like it that way because you’ll never feel overwhelmed or lost in the crowd. If you’re a seasoned tradie professional, new to the game, or just doing it on the side, we don’t mind! We want to inspire each of you, and for you to inspire each other. So, share your story, connect with everyone, and most importantly, enjoy it!

You can join the group here:

We’ll see you there!

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