Hero Collection

Our Hero Collection was made for all of the women out there who are their own heroes, who push themselves every day to achieve their goals, and who support other women! Each piece in the collection is made from durable, lightweight cotton that will hold its shape, keep you cool, and won’t restrict your movement. So, let us introduce to you the Hero Collection:

Hero Shorts
One of our favourite women’s work shorts, they are made from strong, 100% cotton Ripstop material that will keep them in excellent condition. This means you can move in them non-stop and they won’t tear – perfect for life on the worksite! The cotton also makes them breathable and won’t leave you feeling hot and bothered. The shorts have a removable pouch for easy access to everything you need, and plenty of other deep pockets (including a zippered one for precious cargo), for when you need storage, but a toolbelt is an overkill. They are a mid-rise, relaxed fit that works for just about every body shape and won’t make you feel like your movement is limited. These shorts also have wide belt loops and all of the stress points are bartacked for added durability – trust us, whatever you can throw at them, these shorts can take it!

Hero Pants
The Hero Pants are your workwear essentials and are one of our most popular styles. Just like the Hero Shorts, they are made from 100% Ripstop cotton so you know that are great quality and won’t tear. Plus, all of the seams are triple stitched, and the stress points are bartacked to keep them in excellent condition no matter how you use them. These pants are a relaxed fit with tapered legs, so they are both comfortable and flattering – even if you’re on the worksite, we still want you to feel fantastic! As always, there are plenty of deep pockets to hold all that you need, from tools to pens and everything in between. There is a zipped pocket too for your phone, so you know it’s safe. Not to mention, the Hero Pants will protect against UV rays, just for added measure! We could be biased, but these pants are one of the best for women in trades.

Hero Skirt
A new addition to the eve workwear family, the Hero Skirt is the perfect all-rounder. It doesn’t disappoint on the worksite but is also a great addition to your casual weekend wardrobe. The mid-rise, A-line fit is flattering and allows for plenty of movement. Once again, it is made from 100% Ripstop cotton (what can we say, we love it!) which is going to keep you cool and won’t tear, even around anything sharp. All of the stress points are bartacked and the seams are triple stitched which all does a great job of making this skirt durable. There are front-access pockets that allow for easy access to all the small things you need throughout the day, and the large belt loops don’t limit your belt options. You might not have thought about a skirt on the worksite, but we recommend you give the Hero Skirt a go!

The Hero Collection may be our newest addition, but it is already a winner. If you’re looking for workwear that is light, breathable, durable and flattering, we’ve got you covered. After all, every hero needs a hero-worthy outfit! And of course, don’t forget to tag us in your photos at #eveworkwear.

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