Ambassador Highlight: Kelly Warne

Kelly is one of our Canadian eve sisters and to say she has a fascinating life would be an understatement. She is a carpenter who, along with her husband Andy, owns Rock Paper Scissors Co. where they create beautiful custom wood pieces from reclaimed wood. Be it for individuals or companies around the world, Kelly’s love for what she does is undeniable.

Another passion of hers is assisting others in any way she can, both her local community as well as globally. Kelly and her husband set up the Silver Hammer Fund to cater for children in the local area. After experiencing personal trauma themselves, as well as observing the impact it had on their two young daughters, they saw the need for a space where children who had been through hardships could come and feel safe and nurtured. The children are taken through a 10-week woodworking workshop, completely free of charge. They have found that the children have thrived in this environment where they can interact with other kids, know that they are being looked out for, and are learning a new skill. The Silver Hammer Fund relies solely on donations and fundraisers. Find out more here:

As if that wasn’t enough, Kelly and her family have launched RPS Abroad, a program where they head overseas once a year for a Heritage Restoration Project. The team recognised that businesses in rural areas around the world rely on buildings and infrastructure for their income and survival. However, they often do not have the capacity to repair buildings – that’s where RPS comes in. The idea being that when they are finished, these businesses will be able to thrive again. Last year, Kelly and her family spent two months in Normandy, France, to revive a 14th century barn. Again, the program is funded by generous donations. Their last trip is definitely worth reading about here:

Kelly is loving being a part of the eve sisters community and as for her favourite eve pieces? She can’t go past the 2678 Stretch Denim Pants and the Bomber Jacket to combat those cold Canadian winters.

A wife, mother, carpenter and philanthropist, Kelly really is an all-rounder! To find out more, follow her on Instagram here:

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