We’ve compiled a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions to help you find the answers you’re looking for.


How do I contact eve workwear Australia?

Please visit the contact page

How do I become sponsored by eve workwear?

eve workwear loves to see women do what they do best and is happy to review all sponsorship and ambassador requests. If you are interested in submitting a request, click here

Do you pants have different fits?

Yes, being women our bodies are all different shapes and sizes. We have designed different styles to give women as many options as possible in selecting what they want to wear. We have low rise, standard rise, high rise pants as well as different legs widths and lengths. Different fabrics have also being used as some of us like stretch and some don’t. If you would like to see something added to the range please email us.

Is eve workwear available in other countries?

Yes! eve head office is in Brisbane, Australia including showroom and retail Shoppe. We also have a distribution centre in Toronto, Canada. So all Canadian and US customers who purchase from the Canadian website can experience free shipping!.

How can I purchase eve workwear if I don’t live in Australia?

You can SHOP BY COUNTRY. Please head eveworkwear.com.au you can choose where you would like to shop. If you shop the AUD website then shipping anywhere outside Australia is a $20 Flat fee, and all orders over $200 are free shipping. If you shop the CAD website, and are shipping within Canada or the US then shipping is FREE, anywhere outside Canada or the USA is a $20 Flat Fee.

My zipper keeps falling down, how can I prevent this?

We only use quality accessories! All our zippers are YKK and with all YKK fly zippers they have a special locking mechanism in built so they cannot fall down. When you do up your zipper, you must fold the zipper tongue back down along the zipper, this locks it into position.

Can I return or exchange items in store?

You can return or exchange direct in our SHOPPE in Brisbane, Australia. This is our eve HQ where everthing happens, so if you are local come on by!. You cannot exchange or return items that you have purchased online at one of our retailers.

Does your clothing shrink?

If you do not follow the washing instructions your eve gear may shrink. Otherwise for example your eve 2678 pants Denim will give and mould to you as you wear them, once you wash them they will come back to their unworn state!.