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Like Minded Tradies

If you’re here, we can pretty safely assume we have a few things in common. For instance, you’re probably a tradie, or someone who likes to get their hands dirty at least, whether it be for work, a hobby, or just everyday life. We can also assume that you’re an advocate for supporting other women. […]

Hero Collection

Our Hero Collection was made for all of the women out there who are their own heroes, who push themselves every day to achieve their goals, and who support other women! Each piece in the collection is made from durable, lightweight cotton that will hold its shape, keep you cool, and won’t restrict your movement. […]

It’s Time to Shoppe

Here at eve workwear, we love being an online company, it allows us to, not only ship to women all over the world, but to allow everyone to feel confident and empowered. We have customers in Canada, the United States, New Zealand, just to name a few. However, we also know that sometimes you need […]

Trade Mutt x eve workwear

Mental health among tradies. It is something that is not discussed widely enough. Poor mental health and suicide rates among tradies, especially men, have been climbing in recent years and the numbers are staggering. Men already have the highest suicide rates in Australia, but men in construction are more than twice as likely to end […]