Lara Kelly

Trade: Apprentice Electrician
Instagram: @Larzythesparky

Lara is an Apprentice Electrician from Brisbane, Queensland who works in the heavy industrial sector at a coal mine in central Queensland. She also does domestic electrical work on her weeks off with a company in Brisbane.

She grew up in a small country town in Western Australia has only recently moved to Queensland to pursue her career goals. It was a big leap, but she doesn’t regret it for a second! It took Lara some time after she finished school to figure out what direction she wanted to move in. After trying uni, she realised that following her passion of working with her hands and problem solving was the way forward, which lead her to an electrical trade. Lara loves that every day is a new challenge and the feeling of being able to build something is second to none. She is working towards finishing her apprenticeship and hopes to one day also finish her engineering degree!

Her top eve workwear picks are the Bomber Jacket and the Strong Shorts.